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Our brand

We are a Christian based company, since our experience started in 1982 we set out to build a trailer for the people. How do we make a trailer for the people you ask? By building to the specifications of the user. We ourselves use trailers everyday and in doing so recognize the demand and requirements of a great trailer. Then we take what we know and apply it to our trailers. As a manufacture and a dealership we are able to stand behind what we build and so can you.

What you need is what we build

Our sales team takes the time to listen to your specific needs. Insuring you get the exact trailer you need!

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“This is exactly what I needed! You have definitely made a lifetime customer!”

Kevin H.

Advantage Plus

For more than 30 years Retco has been creating a high quality and durable trailer making it master-grade. Due to our years of experience it has given us an unmatched knowledge of the trailer industry, inside and out. We are continuously reminded of our efforts in our customer feedback. We, as trailer owners ourselves know what its like to have a full functioning trailer in the pull, in the haul, in work, and in play. Retco tested and customer approved.

As the manufactures of Retco trailers we stand behind the product we build. From our sales team to our welders, floorers, and spray team we focus on quality. Our sales team will get you with the best trailer that fits your needs. Our welders take their jobs very seriously making sure you have the best welds on your trailer. Making it the safest trailer on the road. Our floorers exerts their best efforts in laying our #1 pressure treated wood. Our spray team make sure that every trailer that goes on our lot is show room ready. With everyone working together for the same goal. Giving you the best trailer on the road.


Warranty? Yes warranty! Along side our trailer warranty our wheels and tires come with warranty as well! To find out more and to look at the documents. Check out our resources page.

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